Culture: Mirko Svrabić

MIRKO “Plod” SVRABIC ist ein erfahrener Traceur aus Kroatien. In seinem Berliner Culture-Workshop wird es um einen ganz besonderen Aspekt im Parkour gehen: Zufälligkeit.

Recognized as one of the most skillful traceurs in Croatia and wider Balkan region, Mirko has been in the forefront of local parkour community development.
Mirko is the co- founder of parkour school in Croatia and cornerstone of parkour HR Association focused on education and spreading the philosophy of parkour through guided classes, workshops, group indoor and outdoor trainings, events and educational lectures. This year Mirko celebrates his 14th year anniversary of training parkour and 9th year of teaching.
Mirko has a unique coaching style that is inspired by “old-school” Yamakasi approach and combines a lot of strength training coupled with strong focus on developing individual movement technique. Mirko believes that our skill comes from within so his classes often focus on building the strength of
mind and resilience through demanding but inspiring sets of repetition.
Through his work with beginners but also through specialized classed for ladies and children, Mirko has developed a strong sense of understanding individual limitations and finding ways to motivate each of his students in unique ways. Mirko also teaches advanced classes where he focused on pushing the limits of those whose skill level has already reached close-to-maximum.

Ort: Berlin
Datum: Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018
Uhrzeit: 15.00-18.00 Uhr

Thema: „Randomness in Parkour” The workshop will focuse on the things that make Parkour diffrent from other disciplines. The randomness of its aproach to “training grounds”, movements, number of repetitions and results. Different people experience Parkour different and in the last couple of years Parkour is getting more institutionalized, more like other sports. The goal is to show and inspire praticioners to randomise their training and to get the “full” Parkour experience.

Kosten: 35€ (für Schüler_innen der Academy 30€)
Anzahl Plätze: 12
Treffpunkt: folgt in Kürze
Vorausetzungen: grundlegende Balancekenntnisse & grundlegende Passement Techniken. Mindestalter von 12 Jahren.
Workshopsprache: Englisch

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