Review | TRuST Education Weekend 2016

What a great weekend!

The TRuST education weekend was a major success. We collectively exchanged ideas about the vision and future of Parkour according to TRuST and reached a further milestone for the development of the ParkourONE Academy. We discussed, practiced, engrossed the thoughts, learned and laughed together with passion and lifeblood.

A major highlight was our guest speaker and friend Julie Angel. She provided an in-depth insight into her research work and her book Breaking the Jump and introduced us to her project See&Do in an engrossing lecture.

She’s a perfect example of what one can accomplish, when they follow their interests with all their strength, motivation and ambition. Julie Angel’s honest and likeable character make her a role model for all of us… THANK YOU!

We look back onto a great educational weekend full of dynamics and friendship and at the same time look forward to the execution of our ideas, visions and imminent cooperative work at the ParkourONE Academy.

A sincere thank you to all persons involved – we couldn’t have asked for anything more!



– Structures, goals and visions of the ParkourONE Academy

– Introducing the department of sports science

– Practical lesson “Behavior in an emergency or outlier case”

– TRuST didactic “Long-term planning through primary and secondary topics“

– Parkour according to TRuST for adolescents with diabetes

– Feedback in classes

– Introducing the department of psychology

– Lecture on „Breaking the Jump“ and insight into „See & Do“ by Julie Angel

– Relevance of Parkour history in classes according to TRuST

– Gathering of ideas related to ParkourONE Academy & TRuST

Conductors and speakers


– Roger Widmer

– Martin Gessinger


– Markus Meyer

– Karina Marcy

– Arvo Losinger

– Iljana Käufeler

– Silvana Werren

– Julie Angel

Inspiration Room concept and didactics

Video: Impressions from the weekend.


Wishes, visions and goals being developed and noted down together.


The circle is the pivot of the weekend and enables an exchange at eye level.


Reflecting over the reaction of a reenacted accident with a seriously injured person.


Classes are seldom homogenous. Among other things this scenario included handling persons with ADHD.


Insights and experiences are constantly being exchanged.


Sports scientist Markus explains the function and application of mobilization.


This scenario involves a person with a moderately severe injury (ligament rupture).


Precise instructions and directives from Martin.


Julie Angel provides us with an impressive insight into her work.


Roger introduces the structure of the ParkourONE Academy and the importance of Parkour according to TRuST.

ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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