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Frequency of injuries in TRuST classes

Those who have been practicing Parkour have certainly been confronted with the following questions: “Is Parkour dangerous? How many bones have you broken so far?” In order to confront these question not only on a personal note but also with statistical answers, an injury analysis related to TRuST classes in in the works.

The data for this is acquired through the available TRuST training plans from the various classes in Switzerland, which have been collected and archived since 2010. The TRuST headcoaches have a reporting obligation towards ParkourONE concerning injuries. The data collection was recently completed. An analysis of the data as well as a comparison to other sports are now to follow. The first results will be documented here and can be expected until end of February.

Text: Iljana Käufeler

Translation: Michael Thümmler

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