Experience: Brandee Laird

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by Anya Chibis, https://www.anyachibis.com

As a child she roamed the forests and valleys of the great Pacific Northwest (her backyard) playing at ninjas and soldiers, creating crude weaponry for play-war and hunting, and absorbing every Hollywood training montage to mimic it by becoming a drill sergeant for her younger brother, directing him in exercises and objectives on the jungle of overgrown laurels outside their home.

Brandee is still who she’s always been.

As an adult, she learned that the reflex to climb, jump, and physically wonder had been given a philosophy and some names. Since re-discovering the warrior spirit under the name parkour in 2006, Brandee has been involved in the Seattle community, first as one of very few women practitioners, now as a full-time facilitator of the discipline.

A natural instructor, as soon as Brandee has found something she loves and believes in, she wants to show other people how to enjoy it too. Even early in her practice she guided small group trainings, obsessively sought challenge opportunities, and jumped full-heartedly in with the small group of individuals developing the 501c3 non-profit Pacific Northwest Parkour Association, now operating under the name Parkour Visions (PKV).

Today, Brandee is respected as a local leader in her community and more widely recognized as an energetic, enthusiastic, and attentive instructor. From her online presence as monkeemoves ( (Instagram: www.instagram.com/monkeemoves/ , YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/MonkeeMoves) to her role of Coaching and Curriculum Director at Parkour Visions, Brandee exudes creativity, discernment, and a hearty playfulness, always focusing on growth and refinement in her personal practice and instruction.


Workshop content:

„Skill | Will | Need

How often have we heard from parkour practitioners that they are training to be useful? And how often do we demonstrate that “utility” outside of our training? Or our small communities of like-minded people? When was the last time the many hours of training benefited a stranger in any way large or small? The majority of our experience will be exploring what utility means for us and for those we encounter.

Other topics:

– Mobility and soft tissue maintenance
– Proprioception and reaction training
– Footwork and cadence
– Vision and visualization
– Lowline movement“


brandee coaching, anya chibis

by Anya Chibis, https://www.anyachibis.com

Date and Location

BERLIN 19.-20. August 2017
BERN 26.-27. August 2017


The Experience Workshop starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. Eating and free time will be partly spend together.


We have 12 slots available. Minimum age is 16 years (participants under 18 years need to bring a consent form from their guardians)


250€/280CHF (travel, accommodation and food is not included)

*Students of the ParkourONE Academy enjoy a 10% discount. (Please eMail your local ParkourONE branch to get further information)
**Booking via e-mail is legally binding. In case of cancellation, refund can only be given if there is a replacement with another person. In this case we charge a 25€ cancellation-fee.

Entry requirements

– no special requirements needed
– Workshop language: English.
– minimum age is 16 years

*ParkourONE is reserving the right to reject registrations if the candidate doesn’t meet the necessary requirements needed to participate in the workshop.


To sign up please eMail: DE:

To sign up please eMail CH:


All Pictures: Any Chibis, https://www.anyachibis.com

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