Experience: Sébastien Foucan

Sébastien Foucan, born May 27th 1974, one of the founding fathers of our discipline and name giver of “Art Du Déplacement” (en.: Art of movement, or ADD) and “Freerunning”, is one of the most important figures of our movement culture. Towards the End of the 1980s in Lisses, Evry & Sarcelles Sébastien and his friends began developing what we know as Parkour today.


He is also pivotal to the historical development of Freerunning, a name which was originally just a translation for Parkour, in the influential documentation “Jump London” and has since established itself as a term for an distinct movement culture. Through his opening scene in the James Bond movie “Casino Royale”, he and Parkour/ Freerunning gained major attention worldwide.

Sébastien has been teaching for many years in the Foucan Freerunning Academy and has planed a worldwide workshop tour for 2018, in which the ParkourONE Academy will also be a focal point. And we are proud to offer two Experience as well as two Culture Workshops with him.


Venue & date
BERLIN March 10th – 11th 2018
MÜNSINGEN March 24th – 25th 2018

Content/ course
“I intend to share my Personal way of practice And teaching movement. Directly influenced by own research and conclusion as well as my parkour old school roots – traditional sport background, firefighter/military experience and entertaining/performing experience. To me it started as a child play and it has to continue as a childplay – this is a big part of my legacy!


* The Art of Trekking
* The subject of training, Optimise personal training
* Exploring and Finding yourself
* Tools for coaching and Foucan classification system
* Well-Being/Respecting the body
* Meditation and visualisation”

The workshop begins on Saturday and ends Sunday ( detailed times and venue will be announced beforehand via email).

Meals and leisure times will partially be spent together.

The maximum amount of participants is 12. Minimum age is 16 years ( in this case practitioners not of legal age must provide a statement of agreement by the legal guardians).

250€* /280CHF* ( any costs which may arise for travels, accommodation and meals have to be covered by the participant)
*Students of the ParkourONE Academy receive a 10% discount. Please contact us directly to acquire the discount.

Entry requirements
Intermediates ( from approximately 3 years of serious, consistent training)
Minimum age of 16 years. Workshop is held in English.

*ParkourONE reserves the right to refuse registrations, if a person does not meet the entry requirements as seen from ParkourONE’s perspective.


For the workshop in Germany send an email to 
For the workshop in Switzerland send an email to



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