Parkour and cultural heritage

As part of the MakeCity Festival there was an event followed by a panel discussion on the subject “Cultural Heritage For Everyone!”, which took place in the Czech center in Berlin on 20/06/2018. This even was organized by Goethe-Institut in cooperation with MakeCity Festival and German National Committee for Monument Preservation.
Active participation in the cultural heritage is a challenging task that the Goethe-Institut meets globally with a variety of projects. How can we experience the value of cultural heritage? How can we convey a sense of cultural heritage today? What role does cultural heritage play in international cultural dialogue?

As representatives of ParkourONE Academy Martin Gessinger, Deputy Rector ParkourONE Academy, and Philipp Raasch, ParkourONE Cologne, were present and presented their projects on the topic “Parkour and Cultural Heritage”.
In early 2018 Philipp Raasch & Dimitri Reimer had the opportunity to participate in a french-german exchange in Marakkesch, Morocco, organized by Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Institut français de Marrakech. In his presentation Philipp Raasch reports about his intense experiences in Marakkesch.

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Following the project in Marakkesch another project on “Parkour and Cultural Heritage” was launched in Berlin. A four-hour workshop, organized by Martin Gessinger (ParkourONE), Andrea Zell (Goethe-Institut) and architect Lukas Staudinger (Poligonal), was held on 06/06/2018 on the question “How can Parkour raise awareness for cultural heritage?”. In his presentation at the MakeCity Festival Martin Gessinger explained how Parkour can be utilized to experience the value of cultural heritage.

Documentation of the workshop “Parkour meets cultural heritage – How can Parkour raise awareness for cultural heritage?”


Impressions of the workshop in Berlin

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