Experience: Callum Powell

Callum is probably one of the most famous personalities in the worldwide parkour szene to date. Born 08/08/1991 he began his training in 2006. Since 2010 he is a member of the Parkour-Team „Storror“, that is known for the self produced documentary „Roof Culture Asia“ or the YouTube channel „StorrorBlog“. Callum, for all of the publicity around himself, stands for focused and goal-oriented Training and is known for his precision, powerful movements and the constant confrontation with training in heights.

image4Date and Location

CANCELLED for 2018, we will announce dates for 2019 soon.


„Workshop will involve training at height, explosive power development, precision, tactical goal assessment and more content focussing on improving mental and physical performance in Parkour. And eating food.“
The Experience Workshop starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday. Eating and free time will be partly spend together.



We have 12 slots available. Minimum age is 16 years (participants under 18 years need to bring a consent form from their guardians).


250€/280CHF (travel, accommodation and food is not included)
*Students of the ParkourONE Academy enjoy a 10% discount. Please eMail your local ParkourONE branch to get further information).

Entry requirements*

Intermediate to advanced Traceurs (3+ years of serious training on a regular basis).
Workshop language: English.
*ParkourONE is reserving the right to reject registrations if the candidate doesn’t meet the necessary requirements needed to participate in the workshop.


To sign up please eMail: DE:

To sign up please eMail CH:

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