The ParkourONE Academy is a Parkour school and research institution. We work according to the impartation and knowledge tool TRuST and offer practical lessons, training and further education, as well as academically profound and specific research. Our work is materialized by the local ParkourONE communities in Germany and Switzerland. 


We are an academy that researches, educates and teaches in the sense of Platon.

If you believe the current brain researchers, philosophers, sport scientists and pedagogues, then Parkour according to TRuST marks the spirit of time as barely any other teaching concept does. Physical inactivity, missing self-confidence, absence of social values, burnouts, loss of creativity, lack of motivation up to ADHD are only a few of current issues, where TRuST has a positive impact on those affected. The ParkourONE Academy practices and lives for animated education!


If you are going to do it, then do it properly!
We as tracers are curious, relentless researchers and explorers. We always look for unconventional paths and possibilities to gain more experience and gather more knowledge. We are inquisitive and constantly learn by ourselves and through others. The ParkourONE Academy is the logical result of this cognition.


We act rectilinearly…
Our lessons are defined by clear rules and parameters. We are convinced of the necessity of parameters and rules to achieve respectable results. Relentless will, perseverance, passion and having punch pays of during practice as well as during research and teaching activities.


… but think outside the box!
We constantly seek after new solution processes and unconventional approaches. Our students are friends and we are their companions. Linking and interconnecting differing subject areas and training levels is a quality characteristic of our research work. Since the journey is the reward: We make use of our experience as tracers and are interested in solutions, processes and connecting links that exist within the specific sciences and these experiences.


ONE 4 All – All 4 ONE!
The ParkourONE Academy follows this ParkourONE principle and therefore lends its services to all tracers and anyone interested in intense studies of Parkour. The results of our researches build the foundations of our teaching activities according to TRuST. We believe in the impact of our art of movement and in the personal development through Parkour! Those who put effort in overcoming obstacles within their daily practice will do the same with greater success in their everyday life!

For this reason, we invite tracers and scientists from all over the world to research and develop new fields with us. Our experts work in the following faculties: sports science, psychology, pedagogy & didactics, history and art.


„We need communities, whose members invite, encourage and inspire one another to surpass oneself.“  – Gerald Hüther  


Are you interested in comprehending and advancing the possibilities of Parkour according to TRuST and/or already oversee a Parkour project, that we may assist you with?
Then contact us at: 

ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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