Inspired by the antic concept of a school, where it is taught, studied and researched, we conceive Platon’s academy as a programmatic example for the future of Parkour. We therefore consciously rely on a trisection of our work:

Training and lessons represent the first and immediate access to the ParkourONE Academy and our art of movement. Our coaches and headcoaches oversee numerous classes, courses and workshops, that impart Parkour uncompromisingly and at the highest stage.

Our tuitions and postgraduate trainings  enable the ability to pass on Parkour or the specific preoccupation with Parkour-related topics relative to the target and user groups of the course offers.

The intellectual foundation of the aforementioned workspaces is the Research & Development according to academic standards and by qualified experts and coworkers.

ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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