Training & Further Education



Training and Further Education is the second important work space of the ParkourONE Academy besides Training & Lessons, which devotes itself with passing on of Parkour. We distinguish between internal and external offerings, that aim at making the idea of TRuST accessible for various target groups and application according to necessity and utility.



The TRuST course of study is an internal training, with which we generate the basis for our students and ParkourONE tracers, to work as coaches and teachers at a ParkourONE branchIt’s an exclusive training and certification with which we guarantee the highest quality standards in expertise and professionalism.



An outspoken goal of the ParkourONE Academy is to enable the sustainable development of Parkour within the German speaking region. For this reason it is in our utmost interest to provide coworkers of established institutions and schools, universities, police, fire service and other  public safety forces as well as sports and cultural clubs and organizations an access to Parkour as a course of education and teaching tool.

We especially comprehend Parkour as a multifunctional tool, which is utilized in regards to the target group and necessity to impart specific and concrete content. This content grows directly from the practical experience, have been worked out by an interdisciplinary team of experts and well-tried over the years.


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