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Most things in todays urban world are standardized and climbing stairs is the utmost sporting performance for many in their everyday life. Steady increasing demands and stress at work are responsible for burnout syndrome and a destructive working atmosphere.

Through Parkour training however, emerges a constructive and productive interaction with problems and obstacles. The corresponding vitality keeps tracers (Parkour practitioner) physically and mentally fit. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They can better assess new situations of everyday life and know how to apply their abilities purposefully. A tracer keeps a cool head in stress situations. A tracer can rely on team members due to the philosophy and values, which are closely linked to Parkour. The common experiences foster the development and mutual understanding and create a sworn in community.

The seminars and teachings of the ParkourONE Academy are straight forward, emotional and genuine. They use the mentioned development potential and insights from Parkour training, in order to phrase methods and principles for everyday life. Profit from the potentials of our seminars and   enquire about an individual offering tailored to suit your needs and those of your coworkers or team members.



Which potentials are unfolded by a Parkour seminar for adult education?

Parkour creates solutions

People become better in what they train. Overcoming challenges is pivotal in Parkour. Constantly changing situations and conditions lead to maximum flexibility and agility. A tracer knows how to deal with new and complex situations and loves challenges. Foster solution orientated thinking and conduct through simple exercises.


Parkour is efficient

Correctly assessing a situation and effective and efficient reaction, demands a lot of experience and self-confidence. Parkour trains self-efficacy and how to deal with strengths and weaknesses. Only a person well aware of themselves can correctly assess others and is capable of empathetic thinking. Swift alternation between focused and farsighted thinking is vital. A tracer always thinks a few steps ahead and finds oneself well balanced between requirement and performance.  Optimize your workflow with us.


Parkour is genuine

Parkour knows no conjunctive mood. Every action is followed by an immediate consequence. Due to immediate feedback, one can instantly reflect about personal strengths and weaknesses. This teaches the tracer to take responsibility and be cemented in their decision. At our seminars you learn to naturally deal with success and failure, can reflect processes and are aware of possible of consequences. Tactile experiences lead to insights, that are applicable in everyday life.


Parkour is straight forward

There’s hardly any leeway for interpretation in Parkour. Every decision is immediately followed up by a consequence. Honest, straight forward and genuine. Whereas it is often difficult to determine the mistake within the communication. Since efficiency is top priority in Parkour, the chosen path is logic and purposeful.   Auf jede Entscheidung folgt unmittelbar eine Konsequenz. Ehrlich, direkt und echt. In der Kommunikation hingegen ist es oft schwierig die Ursache eines Fehlers zu eruieren. Da die Effizienz bei Parkour als höchste Priorität gilt, ist der gewählte Weg logisch und zielgerichtet. Klar verständlich und nachvollziehbar. ParkourONE hat eine Methode entwickelt um die Komplexität der Kommunikation zu verstehen und um eine deutliche, klare Sprache zu erlernen. Führen Sie Ihr Team selbstsicher und gezielt zum Erfolg.


Parkour strengthens

Together we are strong. You quickly come to this realization, once bigger projects need to be executed. Mutual assistance and belief in oneself and the team is essential. Together as opposed to against one another! To be able to know and assess one another, collectively share each other’s strengths and honestly talk about personal sensitivities, lead to creative and groundbreaking solutions. A tracer frequently faces obstacles in practice, that are impossible to master without without outside assistance. We have cared out a few tasks of that kind for your team. Be open for one of the most effective team building methods and let yourself be surprised over the great potential that lies within you and your team.


Parkour liberates

Everyday stress and constantly increasing requirements on managerial staff and employees drives many to their breaking point. Parkour teaches a reasonable handling of stress. Everyone has simple methods of how to alleviate stress and fear at one’s disposal. In Parkour one searches for challenges, therefore a tracer consciously has to face stress and fear. Find out where your limits are with us, practice yourself in coping and self-regulation and thereby minimize the risk of a burnout syndrome.


Parkour is energetic

Movement is a basic need of any healthy human being. We already begin to extend our freedom through movement from one’s earliest years on. With envy do we find all sorts of movement such as crawling, walking, climbing, running, sliding and so many more on playgrounds. Parkour returns this variety of movement back to us. Come experience with us where the gleam in children’s eyes comes from. Profit together with your team from the lightheartedness and liberty and fill up with energy and motivation for your daily routines. Beginn to take care of your health today!


Parkour thinks long term

“Etré durer” is an important principle in the tracers’ life. They live in the moment, hereby constantly thinks of their future. Parkour is about handling yourself and resources consciously. It’s not about accomplishing jumps but rather to master these. The pursue of perfection and efficiency is an imaginary goal. It is about the process and the resulting lessons learned. A tracer learns to reflect and analyze. A steady process over years to come. Those who believe to be something have ceased to become something. Take a decision for your future today and actively advocate for a healthy and sustainable company culture. 

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