TRuST course of study



Through the course of study we have generated the basis for our students and ParkourONE tracers to work as coaches and teachers at a ParkourONE branch .

It is an exclusive training for those who carry Parkour in their heart. Through this course of study we have created quality, safety and competence within the teaching activity of Parkour, which preserve the philosophy and origin of Parkour and supports the tracer’s individuality.

As a teacher of the ParkourONE Academy, through this training and associated ample personal supervision one has the opportunity of intensely and explicitly dealing with Parkour as a complex discipline of movement and the qualified perspective of impartation through pedagogics/andragogics and special didactics as tracers and coaches/ teachers.

Chart: TRuST course of study


Every level of education at the TRuST course of study is marked by a star. In total there exist 6 levels, which contain specific requirements and tasks. Each provides the coaches with further education proposals, the opportunity of cooperation in an area of study and unrestricted access to the ParkourONE Academy Library.


Find out more about the specific requirements and tasks of each training level:


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