TRUST COACH is the first degree of the TRuST course of studies and addresses ParkourONE tracers or students of our regular classes, that are at least age 18. The goal of this training is to enable an employment as a ParkourONE teacher.


Content and goals:

A TRuST COACH can specifically and confidently impart Parkour according to TRuST. He/she can name the 4 content areas of TRuST and understands its substance. He/she knows the values according to TRuST and can authentically impart these. He/she is capable of correctly assessing oneself and the abilities of the participants. He/she knows how to adjust the given exercises according to the environment and resources of the participants. He/she knows the 4 phases of training by TRuST and precisely works  according to their insights. He/she is capable of minimizing the risks of an exercise however without it losing its attractiveness. He/she knows how to act in a case of emergency and gives detailed report to the acting Headcoach. He/she takes decisions can handle the resulting consequence.

Ein TRuST COACH considers oneself as a companion and advisor for Parkour practice related questions and is aware of ones role model function. He/she is capable of sharing and exchanging personal training experiences. He/she defines Parkour as the art of efficient movement and endeavors to preserve the philosophy.


Preparation & effort


  • First aid course attended and passed.
  • Tracers Blackbook read and understood.


  • Seminar „TRuST COACH“ attended and passed (effort 12 hrs).


Within 6 months after the TRuST COACH Seminar

  • 6 hrs of team teaching a ParkourONE class.
  • 2 hrs coaching as a conclusion of the internship, autonomous supervision at a ParkourONE class.
  • Internship report (approx. 3.500 chars).

Work record to ParkourONE Ltd.

After completing the „TRuST COACH“ training

  • minimum 10 working hours annually as a „TRuST COACH“.
  • report once a year with insights, tips
  • Conclusion and feedback regarding the use of TRuST (approx. 1.700 chars).

Total effort

  • One-time approx. 50 hrs • annually approx. 12 hrs


This training currently takes place annually in November in Switzerland. Are you interested?
Then apply by the 1st of August with the subject „Application TRuST COACH“ and the following documents at 

  • Letter of motivation
  • Personal data sheet
  • Qualification and as the case may be employers’ references
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