The TRuST HEADCOACH I is the second level of training of the TRuST courses of study and addresses the TRuST COACHES,who want to oversee a class or group independently.


Content and goals:

The TRuST HEADCOACH is qualified to autonomously plan and oversee a class or workshop. He/she can self-initiative organize a training area, make preparations and if necessary negotiate with third parties. He/she is aware of the function as a role model and knows the values, ideals and rules of TRuST lessons. He/she can complete administrative tasks and conduct these precisely. He/she works target-aimed with training plans and detailed plans to ensure a high quality impartation. He/she can accompany and lead students and coaches. He/she is qualified to hand over tasks to participating coaches and correctly instruct them. He/she has full access to the ParkourONE Academy Library annually contributes to the content.

The TRuST HEADCOACH knows the necessary action to take and how to use these correctly in an emergency situation. He/she can at all times keep the class adequately and safely occupied. He/she  constantly strives to deliver an impartation that is diversified, challenging, fostering and accordingly adapted to the resources. He/she can improve the training process of the participants and introduce individual solutions. The progress and togetherness of the participants and coaches is just as important to the HEADCOACH the own training success. He/she always acts with empathy and social competence. He/she can draw on the own experience as a tracer and coach in difficult situations.

Preparation & effort


  • Seminar „TRuST COACH“ attended and passed.


  • Seminar „TRuST HEADCOACH“ attended and passed (effort of 2 days).

Additional teaching materials

  • Burner Parkour, Roger Widmer, ParkourONE Academy

Work report to ParkourONE Ltd.

Within 12 months from the „TRuST HEADCOACH“ seminar

  • minimum 60 working hours as a TRuST COACH or HEADCOACH, of these minimum 30 hours as TRuST HEADCOACH.
  • 15 different records of planning and training rapports according to TRuST HEADCOACH.
  • Report with insights, tips, conclusions and feedback regarding the use of TRuST (approx. 3.500 chars).

Work record to ParkourONE Ltd.

after 24 months from „TRuST HEADCOACH“ seminar

  • minimum 20 working hours annually as TRuST HEADCOACH.
  • minimum 5 records of training plans and rapports.
  • once annually a record with insights, tips, conclusions and feedback regarding the use of TRuST (approx. 1.700 chars).

Total effort

  • One-time: approx. 130 hrs • Annually: approx. 30 hrs

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