The HEADCOACH II addresses all experienced TRuST HEADCOACHES  who want to use their specific occupational or educational competence in accordance with an EXPERT II (education) to create new offerings for the ParkourONE Academy.

Content and goals:

The HEADCOACH II  has the ability to plan subject specific offerings. According to his/her qualification, he/she can conduct an internal or external further training in accordance with an EXPERT II (education).

He/she can can connect the own specific knowledge with TRuST and/or can use the acquired specific knowledge from a TRuST further training to oversee a target group.

The HEADCOACH II sees him-/herself as a link between the insights of TRuST and their own area of expertise. He/she constantly strives to broaden their knowledge and periodically checks if the specific TRuST offerings match the current requirements of the subject area.

Preparation & effort


To acquire this level of training you do not need an academic qualification. It can be accomplished by working out and linking specific subject knowledge and TRuST by way of a „self-deepening-paper“. This paper will be mentored and examined by a TRuST EXPERT II from the education sector.

In addition HEADCOACHES with long-term experience in teaching Parkour according to TRuST can apply for this education level.

Training opportunities TRuST INSTRUCTOR I & II


Fields of work:

  • Internship-guidance of a COACH apprentice
  • Supervision of a HEADCOACH apprentice & HEADCOACH I


  • SVEB module 1-3 or equivalent
  • 300 hrs experience as a HEADCOACH I
  • Seminar TRuST INSTRUCTOR I completed


Fields of work:

  • Overseeing & examining COACH & HEADCOACH seminars


  • SVEB II or equivalent
  • 450 hrs experience as a HEADCOACH I
  • Seminar TRuST INSTRUCTOR I completed

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