Public safety



Our further teachings for public safety are meant to enable prospective and active police forces, special units as well as rescue forces and fire service, to effectively achieve progress in their movement plus on a physical and mental level.

In addition to their regular combat or rescue training, we tutor the units in specific Parkour techniques, to ideally prepare them for possible pursuits, rescue or flight scenarios. Efficient and effective movement has priority, is however geared to the resources, uniforms and equipment.

Furthermore the units are tutored in their self-perception and that of their environment. Real life practice scenarios enable realistic learning, in order to keep a cool head in hectic and unclear situations and situationally make correct decisions.
What is more, we pay attention to clear communication and tutor the expertise on how to send and receive instructions and information.

Community spirit, caution, respect, trust, modesty and courage is just as much a part of the inner value system of public safety forces, as it is for a tracer – that’s why our training and seminars are directly based on these values.

Please talk to our expert in adult education for possible cooperation opportunities.



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