The Zurich municipal police among others, cooperates with the ParkourONE Academy since 2008.

“The workshops and modules as part of the training and further eduction demonstrate a sustainable effect for us. Thanks to ParkourONE with their TRuST concept, the self- and environmental-perception, solution orientated thinking and efficient movement, adapted to our resources have been sensitized. The discipline during practice and respectful interaction with fellow human beings and the environment is congruent with police work.”

– Remo Niedermann, Zürich city, municipal police, special division, commissioner’s office for instruction




“We were lucky to engage the ParkourONE instructors for a training unit for a selection of special forces of the NRW police. The heap of fun and many “light-bulb-moments” during this entertaining event, suggestions concerning coordination training and improving the efficiency of movements were priceless.
With respect to an actual strive for sustainability, it would be desirable for this not to be a one-time event – not to mention the fact that such trainings are useful for police officers.”

– Christoph Glossat, police high commissioner, police headquarters Düsseldorf




“This part of the training is very popular within the brigade, for the use of Parkour in everyday life on patrol is undenied. Special training methods such as this also reveal the personal limits to these young police officers.”

– Marco Bisa,  press spokesman of the Zurich municipal police



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