The ParkourONE Academy is an institution, that didn’t come into existence out of self purpose but rather out of  the necessities and knowledge of ParkourONE members and coaches. Our academy is a concept, that began to develop in 2006 through the first training lessons in Münsingen, Switzerland: the structured, profound and sustainable teachings, research and development of Parkour as an art of movement.

The ParkourONE community provides the backbone for the international teaching and research activity, with the ParkourONE communities in Germany and Switzerland setting the practical and organisational foundation. The academy staff is employed by the regional organisations and interconnected trans-regionally through their training, teaching and research activity. This way we establish and develop quality standards, curricula, scientifically relevant research findings and a broad collaboration with external partners, customers and interest groups.

Thereby TRuST as an epistemological standard, provides the foundation for the 3 main pillars of the ParkourONE Academy workspaces. These are under central and regional administration. The TRuST course of studies connects all workspaces and ensures that the basis of our adacemization always remains to be the practical experience as a tracer.

The directorate of the academy consists of the director and deputy rector, as well as an administrative board composed of the heads of department for Research & Development, the directorate and the holders of ParkourONE Ltd. in their function as the owners.



Chart: structure

ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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