Research & Development

The main objective of the ParkourONE Academy is to research and understand Parkour in its entirety and thus make it accessible for all people. We comprehend our art of movement as a window to human capabilities and skills – therefore the areas of application and research are almost as diverse, as established research areas exist.

The areas of research at the ParkourONE Academy are supervised by experts of their field with completed academic training or decades of experience within their area of application. Our goal is to generate, engross, question and spread knowledge with scientific aspiration and highly professional. Therefore the specific departments work together interdisciplinary and remain in regular communication and exchange with international experts, who for their part act as guest lecturers or temporary coworkers.

Aside from the actual research, developing adequate instruments and patterns of passing on existing and future knowledge depicts the most important assignment of the specific departments. The insights from the particular fields primarily directly affect the content of the TRuST study courses and the hereby resulting practical passing on through our coaches and experts. Beyond that, the ParkourONE Academy is capable of imparting these contents adjusted to target- and interest groups, to external institutions and anyone interested. This is ensured through specific seminars and workshops by our experts, as well as the establishment of an international Parkour-Library, which will contain specialized literature, academic works of qualification and media.

ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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