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Welcome to the faculty of Design and Art by the ParkourONE Academy. Here is where you will find information about current projects, research and teaching activities related to Parkour as an art form.


Roger Widmer – Director Supervisor Education | Design and Art

* Degree in Art Education ZHDK

* SVEBB 2 eidg. Ausbildner – Adult & Professional Education

* Goldsmith Rw-Goldschmied

* Exec. director ParkourONE Ltd. | ETRE-FORT Ltd.



Schwarztorstrasse 7, 3007 Bern, Switzerland

+41 31 371 74 90 | +41 78 825 61 89


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Recommended reading

“C’est un art de vivre” degree dissertation, Roger Widmer, 2008

When Parkour turns into art

26. Oct, 2016

I chose this picture due to the great composition with large areas, which is well suitable for intaglio printings.
The intaglio printing technique I used is called line etching and area etching in combination with monotype.

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