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Initial results injury risk

2. Mar, 2017

Initial results regarding injuries in TRuST classes

As announced, here are the initial and preliminary (!) results regarding injuries in TRuST classes.

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Quality management | Injury risk

15. Dec, 2016

Frequency of injuries in TRuST classes

Those who have been practicing Parkour have certainly been confronted with the following questions: “Is Parkour dangerous? How many bones have you broken so far?” In order to confront these question not only on a personal note but also with statistical answers, an injury analysis related to TRuST classes in in the works.

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Feedback in teaching situations

14. Nov, 2016

Workshop review  TRuST Education Weekend

As part of the  TRuST Education Weekend, which took place 4th until 6th November, Arvo Losinger and Iljana Käufeler held a 2 hour long workshop on feedback in tuitional situations. Feedback is a pivotal part of teaching according to TRuST. Giving positive feedback is fairly easy. Negative feedback is more difficult, especially when it is oriented at a person. Therefore the main focus of the workshop, was to demonstrate how negative feedback can be given to a Parkour student, without unnecessarily straining their self-esteem.

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TRuST education weekend

9. Oct, 2016

Preparations for the TRuST education weekend from November 4th until 6th are well underway. Arvo Losinger and Iljana Käufeler are planing a workshop on the subject of “Feedback in class situations”.

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