Training classes according to TRuST is the most ample possibility to learn Parkour at firsthand and improve oneself as a tracer with other tracers in a professional context.

Each training lesson bears the hallmark of the acting TRuST HEADCOACHES and COACHES and is by all accounts unique. We conceive our training classes as a school for life. Experiencing self-efficacy and activating processes hereby play a pivotal role.

We strongly believe in togetherness and therefore do not differentiate in terms of performance, experience, age, gender, derivation and social standing.

At our training classes aged 12 years and older we deliberately forge links within the otherwise common divide between adolescent and adult offerings. The offerings for children aim to preserve, foster or if necessary reactivate their natural movement patterns.

Our training classes are placed amongst the voluntary cultural and leisure sector. Consequently our students enjoy a high degree of motivation and discipline.

Benevolence and friendliness are every bit as important to us as the physical progression of our students. We cultivate equal social intercourse and foster the exchange outside of the classes as well. We conceive our students rather as friends than as customers and their development is a personal matter to us.

What can our students expect from our lessons?

By tracers for tracers and those who want to become one!

We enjoy working with people willing to learn how to assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to take accurate decisions. At class we purposefully search for efficient movement and as a result find answers for everyday challenges. Our offerings are voluntary, therefore we expect iron will and 100 % commitment. Regular attendance is also mandatory to set processes in motion and ideally exercise body and spirit. Our lessons are clearly structured, there are distinct rules and rituals and the students quickly realize what they let themselves in for. Those just searching for further consumption offers are out of place here!

Quality before quantity

Our classes are overseen by qualified TRuST COACHES and limited to 12 student per coach. This way we guarantee a high standard of supervision. We know our students on a personal level and can assist everyone of them in their personal process. Our classes are self contained groups and fitted according to the performance level of the students. Due to the many differences within a class (performance, gender, derivation etc.), mutual acceptance, aid and trust are always part of the teaching concept. Our COACHES are passionate tracers. They not only have a lot of experience, but also learnt to impart the content of their experience geared to the target group. They know how to foster and challenge their students. In this way we clearly set ourselves apart from other offerings, that provide Parkour courses without pedagogic and didactic fundamentals – A great sportsperson isn’t automatically a great coach!

Prowess – not accomplish!

Specific repetition and understanding the motion sequence as a whole is pivotal in our classes. Only after countless repetitions and flawless execution can we claim to have mastered a movement. The same is valid for the impartation of Parkour. In addition, our COACHES are carefully selected and educated. We also maintain a regular exchange, yearly evaluations and supervisions amongst the TRuST COACHES.

Understanding by doing!

At practice we learn to specifically overcome obstacles and by doing so become physically and mentally more resilient and stronger in day-to-day life. During our lessons we purposefully practice keeping a cool head in stressful situations and taking decisions. Through deliberately experiencing success and failure teaches we come to better assess ourselves and our environment. „Learning by doing“, being an invitation for practical action, is a huge priority with us.


We do not train for the moment but rather for the future. Etre et durer – to be und to persist! Many young athletes today predominantly train for the camera and want to publish every step on YouTube. We disassociate ourselves from such intentions. Instead we apprehend movement as a basic need of any healthy person and want to a live it out at an advanced age. Lessons according to TRuST means to live according to the values and set an example!

Fitness and health!

In a healthy body lives a healthy spirit. Our body is our vessel, therefore nothing should be more important than fostering it. For only when we feel good about ourselves and strong, are we prepared to do something for others. The students get to know oneself through the hard and consistent practice. Not only does the physical fitness increase from the regular training but also the conviction of their self-efficacy. The students therefore become entirely more resilient, more energetic and learn to believe in their skills.

From simplicity to complexity!

Faster, further, higher… the pressure to perform does not spare the Parkour scene. Parkour lessons according to TRuST follow a totally different principle. We specifically work on a broad foundation of basic techniques and improvisation skills. Extreme jumps lead to extreme strain. The mind and body needs to be prepared for that and that takes time and patience. A lot of times however it’s the simple things that cause us difficulty. At our classes the students learn to correctly evaluate themselves in order to reduce unnecessary risks. First we learn to walk properly – than we jump!

The journey is the reward!

We love playing and liberty. We search for new paths and possibilities. At home or on journeys. It’s the playing, the quest, the feeling of liberty which make Parkour so unique. It is not the product which is important to us, but rather the path we chose and which leads us on and on.

Scrutinize and reflect!

Through our lessons we acquire a healthy foundation of movement and purposefully foster self-confidence and self-efficacy. A lesson without reflection is like cooking without subsequently eating. Only the reflection will provide us with the insight and possibility to improve things. We conclude every lesson with a feedback ritual in order for us to improve as a team.

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