Diversity & Inclusion workshops



Which approach does the ParkourONE Academy follow with diversity and inclusion orientation within Parkour?

  • „Diversity“ means variety and describes the similarities and differences amongst people. ParkourONE wants to preserve and promote the human varieties, similarities and differences within a group. Diversity is the guarantor in crating various possibilities of how challenges and barriers can be hurdled in life (efficiently and effective)
  • „Inclusion“  aims for all people to be equal and use dissimilarities as a chance and advantage. We want to use the motto „ONE for all and all for ONE“ to give all persons the opportunity to partake in our art of efficient movement.

We hereby pursue the path that leads to an “inclusive society”. Our focal values non-competitive,caution (awareness), respect, trust, modesty and courage, pave the way for our community of tracers as well as our professional coaches.

We propose a wide range of scenarios to educate, implement and spread our vision, from workshops and seminars for inclusion and dealing with diversity for coworkers or executives through to individual offerings for social and fostering facilities. We will gladly convince you in a personal conversation of the possibilities Parkour holds ready for a diversity and inclusion culture.


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