„Strong spirit in a strong body“, this motto derives from the ideas of the founders of this movement art and is represented by the ParkourONE Academy until this day.

ParkourFIT is inspired by the long-term experience of tracers and Parkour coaches, who through this training are capable of demonstrating physical top performance when overcoming obstacles. For tough strength training with simple methods, that utilize the environment and own body weight is an integral component of Parkour. Fitness or strength training is never understood by tracers as an extra or supplement training and is therefore deeply rooted within our stock of movement and our method of practice.

With ParkourFIT we now propose this approach to “fitness” detached from the integral Parkour practice. We live the Parkour spirit in a cohere fitness training.

You are looking for an authentic and applied training? You want an integral fitness training, that will take you to your physical and mental limit? Then you should pay ParkourFit a visit!

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