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TRuST Education stands for authentic, original and high quality Parkour teaching and research. We instruct and research in a modularity that is supposed to set worldwide standards. Through TRuST we have created a knowledge base (theory), which permits the research and development of Parkour to be integrally examined and established in education. At our TRuST study programme we cultivate competent COACHES and HEADCOACHES and enable a tracer to turn his hobby into a profession. The TRuST study programmes HEADCOACH II or EXPERT III and III offers all peers and academics amongst the coaches the opportunity to research their passion and create their own offers for the ParkourONE Academy. Consequently we are in a position to provide seminaries, workshops, lectures as well as specific training and individual offerings for the various target groups.


Picture: TRuST study programmes


Parkour according to TRuST is divided into 4 primary content fields. Each of these content areas at TRuST is differently prioritized. The content is compiled according to purpose and subject matter. Thus it is possible to research and teach specifically with a holistic understanding in relation to target group, time frame, location and topic. Thanks to this uniform definition of Parkour according to TRuST, our experts from the various faculties are capable of working interdisciplinary.


Picture: Parkour according to TRuST


Our lesson is structured by four consecutive phases. It is defined by clear patterns, where the insight and process have priority. Tutoring personal responsibility, experienced self-eficacy as well as bolstering self-confidence are thereby of paramount importance.


Picture: 4 phases of TRuST

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