We want to create something “New” with TRuST, to grasp what already exists!

As tracers from the very start, it is of importance to us to protect the values and ideology of our art of movement and pass it on. We meticulously yet steadily want to collectively advance our developmental work and share our insights. Furthermore we want to advanced swap ideas with friends and scientists from all over the world and sustainably establish Parkour in our society!
We want to breakdown our art of movement, values, opinions and philosophy into modules, in order to better comprehend them. Continuously define our understanding and values and make them accessible!

As is well known, the journey is the reward. Therefore we do not see TRuST as a completed product, but rather a hypothesis which describes our understanding of Parkour.

We want to shape the development and standing of Parkour permanently, with a common denominator, simple comprehensible didactics and not least a consistent language.

In terms of „être et durer” we strive for permanence and sustainable thinking!


My aim with TRuST is not to create a girdle that will constrict us and take the air and joy in Parkour away. I want to create an instrument, on which we play music through ideas and bring composers to being, who play individual melodies. – Roger Widmer, founder & director ParkourONE Academy
ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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