The TRuST development team, under the guidance of Roger Widmer first sat down together at the beginning of 2007 in Taegertschi, Switzerland to discuss the current and future situation of impartation of Parkour. Their concern was to affect the impartation of Parkour in a sustainable and positive manner.


Roger discovered the name “TRuST” by chance during a game of Scrabble in the train. Earlier on the the team always spoke of “TRaining und STandards” and never noticed the suitable word hidden within the label.

(german  und -> and) .


The TRuST founding team in 2007 consisted of the following persons:

  • Roger Widmer, founder & director of the ParkourONE Academy, project supervisor TRuST, founder and holder of ParkourONE Ltd., founder and executive director of ETRE-FORT Ltd., goldsmith (RW-Goldschmied), degree in Art Education ZHDK, adult educator SVEBB 2 Adult & Professional Education and tracer since the beginning of 2000.
  • Ramon Siegenthaler, cofounder of ParkourONETRuST HEADCOACH, chef, long-time  handball player and coach, lives by and for the teachings of Parkour since 2008, tracer since 2001.
  • Simon Gfeller, TRuST HEADCOCH, electronics engineer, occupational and vocational college teacher at the Technische Fachschule Bern, adult educator MAS Adult & Professional Education, ETRE-FORT athlete, tracer since 2002.
  • Markus Luksch, sports scientist, teacher for sports and geography, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Athletics coach (handball, CrossFit) and tracer since 2005. Author of the Tracers Blackbook.
ParkourONE Academy ParkourONE Academy
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