The spread of the philosophy and preservation of our values is pivotal in the teachings of Parkour according to TRuST. We have allegorically defined the most important values on one hand.


Non-competitive (thumb)

The principle «Etre fort pour être utile» originates from the «méthode naturelle» and establishes that mutual assistance is a substance of this art of movement and not competing with one another. The practitioners can fully unfold without competitive pressure, no matter their current state of mental or physical precondition.


Caution (index)

Safety always takes top priority. It is very important to ensure a controlled and safe training setup. In the process and any case the safety originates from a correct self- and situational assessment. Artificial aids such as mats, gloves or similar often suggest a wrong sense of safety to the practitioners, which in turn might encourage them to defer to higher risks, which lay beyond their current abilities.


Respect (middle finger)

Respecting oneself is an appreciation, that automatically emerges through regular training. The body is our vessel, it solely enables free movement. Hence the main goal of any tracer is a healthy training and sustainable interaction with the own body.

The respect towards the environment arises through the tireless intercourse with it. The unconventional usage and tactile experience lead to an understanding of the various materials and their texture. The logical consequence is the appreciation and preservation of the territory. This is the only way to sustainably use a training area.

The respect towards our fellow humans requires a steady involvement with oneself. Those who respect themselves and reflect on their behavior is capable of thinking and handling with empathy.


Trust (ring finger)

To strike a new path and creatively face ones environment demands a high degree of confidence. The interplay of success and failure leads to a bolstered self-awareness and fosters the conviction of self-eficacy. The trust in oneself is the basis needed to build up interpersonal trust.


Modesty (pinkie) 

The intense involvement with oneself and ones environment leads to the conclusion, that there will always be more obstacles that can not be prevailed over, than ones that can be. In Parkour literally the journey is the rewards.


Courage (fist) 

The fist, respectively the gesture of clutching unifies each particular value into one hand. It signifies taking taking control of ones own life. As a result of us feeling and grasping our environment in Parkour, we thereby better comprehend the causal coherences of action and reaction.

Furthermore the fist also implies inner strength. It stands as a symbol for us taking responsibility for our actions and having the courage to take decisions.

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